Our Services are FREE for Tenants 

#1 Who pays for the Realtor’s Services? 
HARRIET MARTIN & ASSOCIATES will help you every step of the way… finding your Miami home, negotiating the best deal for you, helping you with credit checks if needed and more! We’re working for you… and best of all – the landlord pays the real estate commission! 

#2 What properties can you show us? 
Any Miami rental property that is on the market today! Yes, most of the time we can even help you with "For Rent By Owners"! Through the MLS service we can show you any property that is listed for rent, even through another Realtor. It will not make the rent less expensive by going directly to that listing agent. And, by not having a Realtor working solely for you, you may not get the best deal possible. We can show you any residential or commercial property for sale or rent in Miami, Broward, Palm Beach and the Florida Keys. Looking elsewhere in Florida? We will refer you to the best agent in that area for your relocation needs. 

#3 I drove by a house I liked from the outside. What should I do next? 
Call us right away. Make a note of the address. In this market, it may already be under contract, but if it’s not, it could rent very quickly. We’ll get all the information you need on the property by computer in a matter of minutes, and can set up an appointment to see it right away. 

#4 How long does it take to rent a home? 
Once we’ve helped you find your home and your offer has been accepted by the landlord, it normally takes from 2-4 weeks to move-in. If the rental is located in a Condo/Homeowner’s Association, there may be additional time and fees needed for the application process. It IS possible to find a rental within days… but it’s NOT easy. Call us right away as soon as you decide you’re moving! 

#5 I don’t have the best credit, can you still help me? 
Yes! There are many reasons why people rent. If you are in a situation where you are trying to repair your credit, and maybe save to buy later on… we can still help find you a great place to rent. Job stability and references are often just as important as a credit score to landlords. 

#6 What will it cost to move in? 
Generally speaking, landlords require an initial deposit at the time an “offer” is placed. Then, if accepted, tenants are responsible for paying any credit check or association application fees. Then, before moving in, the equivalent of three months rent must be paid in full (usually first month’s rent plus two months security deposit). 

#7 I have pets. Is it still possible to find a rental? 
Absolutely. It is true that many landlords will not allow pets! There are still many rentals on the market that will allow pets. We will help you find the best place for you and your pets! Make sure to tell us what kind of pet you have and the approximate weight right away! A pet deposit will be required (usually $200, refundable). 

#8 Is the information we share with our Realtor confidential? 
Yes! On a daily basis we get very personal details from many renters and landlords. This information always remains confidential unless you give permission to disclose. For example, we will need to know your income and credit history. This information will be discussed with the landlord for qualifying purposes. Our business is based on having your trust. 

#9 What about Short-Term and Long-Term rentals, Furnished or Unfurnished? 
Almost all rentals are for a 1-year term and are unfurnished. Short-term rentals are harder to find and may cost more per month. It is possible with advance notice to find what you need. Most short-term rentals are furnished and are available for either 3 or 8 month terms… but with the details of your situation we will help you find what fits your needs. 

#10 How can I start looking for available rentals? 
View our website, www.HarrietMartin.com! It’s updated regularly so visit often. Hundreds OF rentals to choose from!Simply give us all the details of what you’re looking for. We can then begin to emailyou with rentals that meet your criteria right away! 

ALL Miami to Ft. Lauderdale rentals! 

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