Don't spend time baking chocolate chip cookies and lighting fragranced candles. 

Fragrances may affect cognitive functions in the same areas of the brain that are responsible for decision-making. 

Make smells subtle. Buyers then may like, but don't actually concentrate on what they're smelling. 

It will distract potential buyers if you have lots of personal pictures displayed so take them out of view. 

Do not have many medications out or even in your prescription cabinet. Buyers open closets and cabinets. They are thinking of putting their own "stuff" where your stuff is. If they stumble upon unusual or private items, this becomes a distraction. 

The best policy is to show your home as if you don't live in it. Consult with us so we can stage your home and give you a few pointers on move-in model homes - very spacious and free of clutter. 

Begin packing your private belongings, Tone down the scent--ESPECIALLY OF PETS. Find a way to clear the clutter. It means a faster sale of your home for MORE money. 

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