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Realtor/Agent referral fees paid 

Hi to all Realtors from Miami to Ft. Lauderdale, 

MLHS South Florida Inc Management offers to realtors a referral fee of $100 for management customers that you direct to us. 

We will discuss the management directly with your customer -or send all the email brochures to you. You can then decide if you want us to sign them up or 
you wish to be present for the meeting. You are always welcome. 

We will ALWAYS protect YOU with your customer. Your customer is YOURS FOR LIFE! We will only manage for your Landlord, while at 
all times advising your Landlord that YOU will renew the lease or you will list to rent again or sell for them. We are looking for management only. 

We know the VALUE of a customer and we have an excellent reputation protecting our Realtors. 
Don’t let the extra income from property management opportunities pass you by! 

You already know that if your customer wants management for their rental, they will choose someone on their own – thus you run the risk of losing your customer. 
It is always best if you can direct your customer from the start and keep control throughout the entire process. We are happy to include you in all of our email correspondence 
with your customer. 

We have web sites for review of our work: 

Testimonials can be found on www.HarrietMartin.com 

We will be happy to send you the email packages so you will have all the facts to talk with your customer. We will meet and train you if you wish to work more in rentals and management. 

Let our professional team of 30 years in residential management help your customers receive individual quality service. We still believe in working the “old fashioned way” with common courtesy to all. Our low management fees are for any size property. All receive the same special treatment. We respond to all emails and have a great group of satisfied Landlords and Tenants. 

We have 2 offices to serve our customers – Kendall and Coral Gables. 

References upon request. 

Contact us soon! 

Realtor/Agent referral fees paid on Relocation & Management





Do you have the right Landlord Insurance to protect you and everything you own??? 
Maybe your tenant lights a candle and accidentally sets a room on fire. Who pays for the new drywall, new carpet, painting, cleaning, and replacement of furniture that has turned to ash? 

What happens if a burglar breaks into the house and steals the tenant's TV, computer, jewelry and money? Who is responsible, and for what?? 

LANDLORD INSURANCE IS NOT included in any monthly dues you pay to an association!!! Many Landlords mistakenly believe they are insured, because they pay large sums of money each month through their association dues which says it covers insurance. This does NOT cover ANYTHING INSIDE your property!! It covers ONLY common roofs and exterior walls if you're lucky... a common pipe in an exterior wall! But beyond that? Usually not even windows blown out by a hurricane!! It all depends on your association insurance coverage. 

So... can you require a tenant to buy Renter's Insurance? NO, IT IS NOT A REQUIREMENT. YOU CAN ONLY ADVISE THEM TO GET IT. Shouldn't they be responsible for insuring anything they own in the property where they live? Unfortunately, there's no obligation for a tenant to do so. Only one in about every ten tenants actually buys this type of insurance. Which means they are risking all of their personal property to theft, fire, flood, windstorm etc. Landlord's insurance will NOT cover any items inside the condo belonging to the tenant. It's a risk tenants MAY take... There is no law requiring them to take out an insurance policy for their protection. 
As well, there is no law requiring that LANDLORDS buy a Landlord Insurance policy protecting them from hazards or liability that can occur inside their property. So while your condo insurance will cover the outside walls to be rebuilt after a huge cataclysmic storm... there would be no protection from a slip and fall by your tenant or their guests or fire. Did you know? Often fires simply start behind the walls from an electrical issue of some sort. What happens then? Landlords can get sued. 

So while there is no legal obligation for Landlords (or tenants) to buy additional Landlord Insurance or Tenant Insurance for renting... it is highly recommended. LANDLORDS... INSURANCE POLICIES WOULD BE AN EXPENSE AND THEREFORE COULD BE A TAX DEDUCTION* (check with your tax accountant to be sure). 

You'll probably want your policy to cover: 
1) Property Damage 
2) Liability 
3) Lost rental income 

LANDLORD LIABILITY INSURANCE can be purchased from most large companies including Allstate, State Farm, Nationwide etc. Look over each proposed policy and make sure you have the RIGHT protection. Policies will vary depending on location of rental property, and risks associated with that property. Make sure you are covered for natural disasters, fire, theft etc. as well as legal and personal liability. 

Shop around..... With most of the large insurance companies offering such policies... you should be able to find a good policy to fit your needs while not spending a ton of money for your peace of mind.

NEED HELP TO BUY??????????????????

#1 Who pays for the Realtors Services? 
The Harriet Martin Team offers FREE BUYER SERVICES! We’ll help you every step of the way… Buying your Miami home, negotiating the best deal for you, helping you with financing if needed, inspections, appraisals, closings. We’re working for you as Buyer Brokers… From Miami to Ft Lauderdale -and BEST of all – the Seller pays our real estate commission! 


#2 What properties can you show us? 
Any property! We can show you any home from Miami to Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. Yes, most of the time we can even help you with Miami to Ft. Lauderdale For Sale By Owners! Through the MLS service we can show all Miami homes listed for sale, even through another Realtor. It will not make the home any cheaper by going directly to that listing agent. And, by not having a Realtor working solely for you, you may not get the best deal possible. We can show you any South Florida residential property or commercial property including business opportunities! We can help you buy or rent in Dade & Broward. Looking elsewhere in the WORLD? We will help refer you to the best agent in that area. 

#3 I drove by a house I liked from the outside. What should I do next? 
Call us right away. Make a note of the address. We’ll get all the information you need on the property by computer in a matter of minutes, and can set up an appointment to see it right away. 

#4 How long does it take to buy a home? 
Once we’ve helped you find your home and your offer has been accepted by the seller, it normally takes from 4-6 weeks to close. Once you decide to buy a house, call us. We’ll make sure you’re ready with everything you need including your Mortgage Pre-qualification. 

#5 I want to buy an investment property. Can you help? 
Our team is extremely knowledgeable and can help you with your real estate investment goals. Want to buy and also rent your commercial property in South Florida? Looking to buy a “fixer-upper”? We are able to assist you every step of the way. Not sure of the rental market? Not sure if your payments will exceed your monthly income? We’ll run the reports and do the research so you know if you have a sound investment. We also do Miami rentals and property management! As 1031 Exchange Tax Deferred Specialists we can also help you trade up to increase your assets. We make every penny count for you! 

#6 I like attending Open Houses on the weekends. Can you still help me? 
Yes. Ask us to go with you! If not, let us call and introduce you to the Realtor before you go. If neither: 
Always let the “Open House” Realtor know that you are working with us and give him/her one of 
our business cards, or sign in with our name as your agent. It is crucial to let them know RIGHT AWAY that you have a buyer agent representing YOU! 

#7 Can you help me find the right financing for my new home? 
Part of our responsibility is to guide you in the purchase of an affordable Miami home. We will show you the various alternatives and recommend mortgage sources. We can pre-qualify you immediately and also help with complete mortgage sources. We have an in-house mortgage banking service to speed up the process and issue a pre-qualification certificate for you to go and buy immediately. 

#8 Is the information we share with you confidential? 
Absolutely! On a daily basis we get very personal details from many buyers and sellers. This information always remains confidential unless you give permission to disclose. For example, we will need to know your income to qualify you for your new home. This information may be discussed with a mortgage company if the contract is contingent on financing. But, under normal circumstances this would not be disclosed. Our business is based on having your trust. 

#9 Can you help to rent and manage my Miami home if we decide to use it as an investment? 
Yes! Please request our free brochure or see our website for more details at HarrietMartin.com. We have a full service residential rental and rental management service operating from Miami to West Palm Beach and the Florida Keys. 

#10 How can I find out about tax breaks on my purchase of real estate? Many expenses may be deducted. We will be happy to assist you with your questions or refer you to a tax accountant. Just request our brochure with valuable information which will save you thousands of dollars!

Visit our other sites: 
email: Harriet@HarrietMartin.com 
12183 SW 132 Ct 
Miami, Florida 33186 

Articles from Harriet



  Survey: A Third of Homebuyers Would Exceed Budget for the Right Home 
The majority (61 percent) of Americans who say they’re likely to buy a house in the next five years have put a home buying budget in place, but a third (36 percent) would go over the planned purchase price if they wanted the house enough, according to a recent survey by BMO Harris Bank. Among current homeowners, 49 percent stuck to their budget when buying, but 19 percent went over and 20 percent didn’t have a budget for their current home. 
On average, American homeowners who went over budget exceeded it by $31,587. Those who came in under budget (13 percent) went lower by an average of $25,083. Half (49 percent) set a maximum amount they could spend and stuck to it. 
“A budget is an essential piece to the home buying process. Putting one in place takes time, and has to consider a variety of factors including savings, income and interest and mortgage rates,” said Kevin Christopher, Head of Mortgage Sales, BMO Harris Bank. “What we’re seeing from our survey is that homebuyers don’t always leave themselves that cushion. Implementing and stress-testing a budget is key, not only during the pre-approval process but to ensure that when interest rates go up, homeowners are prepared.” 
Taking First Steps 
First-time buyers are less likely to have a fixed budget that they will stick to (54 percent), and are more likely than those who have owned to say they are willing to go over budget (44 percent). A third (32 percent) say they expect their parents will help pay for the cost. 
While only 13 percent of first-time buyers are currently pre-approved for a mortgage, 83 percent plan to go through the process before they purchase a home. There is some worry about the process, with 64 percent concerned they might not be pre-approved. 
Putting Money Down 
The survey of American homeowners also found: 
• The vast majority (89 percent) of homeowners had a mortgage at some point and half (52 percent) have had a home equity line of credit (HELOC) at some point. 
• A third (35 percent) are paying their original mortgage, while a similar percentage (30 percent) have refinanced, and 35 percent have paid off their mortgage. 
• Americans expect to have their mortgage fully paid off by age 59. 
• While not surprising that older homeowners are more likely to have paid off their homes, 40 percent of those over 65 are still paying off their mortgage. 
The average down payment that Americans planning to buy in the next five years will make is 25 percent, and 87 percent feel confident they will have the down payment they’re hoping for to buy their next house. 
“Household balance sheets are now relatively healthy, helped by rising asset prices, moderate income growth and, most importantly, lower debt levels. According to the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, from early 2008 to mid-2013, household debt was reduced by $1.5 trillion, as both borrowers and lenders came to terms with the housing and credit bubbles whose subsequent bursting is held to blame for the Great Recession,” said Michael Gregory, Head of U.S. Economics, BMO Capital Markets. “Household credit is starting to flow again — nearly $480 billion in the past year — led by mortgages, student loans and auto financing. However, both borrowers and lenders are approaching HELOCs more conservatively, a sign that greater prudence might be the ultimate — welcome — legacy of the recent recession. Borrowing within one’s means is critically important to maintaining a healthy state of household finances.” 
From “The Real Estate Book” 

Would you exceed your budget to buy the RIGHT home?

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"We recently sold our home in So. Florida and working with Harriet Martin and her team was a great experience. Harriet and her team are professionals in every way and make selling a house a pleasant experience. They have your best interest at heart and work hard to find you the best offer. I highly recommend Harriet and her team." j wmoran5
"What can I say about Harriett and Team .. Amazing, professional, caring are a few items I could use to describe her and team .. I first met Harriet as a friend of mine had referred her to me to manage my rental property... if I had only found her sooner. She rented my property easily and took care of everything! She then sold that property for me in Two weeks .. wow and at asking price.. she then helped me with the sale of my moms home when she passed away.. Harriet always made each transaction easy and seem less. I cannot say enough wonderful things about this lady.. she also has the most caring and professional staff .. I would chose her everytime.. thank you Harriett , Maritza and Lisandra" Julie Patterson
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