We have an extensive marketing budget with a professional marketing director, web site designer and web site monitoring. 

It's not enough to do what the other agents do in today's market. Our marketing is strategic, high tech and always one one step ahead. We reach millions of motivated clients worldwide all year round. 

Did you know? More than 75% of all real estate agents do nothing more than take your listing, and sit on it after adding it their local Multiple Listing Service. They don’t believe in spending their own money to promote your property. 

Your potential buyers or tenants are searching for real estate in different ways… through local real estate magazines, newspaper, direct mail. We promote your property through each of these advertising mediums- increasing visibility. But statistics show that almost all potential buyers and tenants are now relying on the internet as their main source for finding property. 

Before listing with any agent for sale or for rent, do your homework! Ask to see copies and examples of their property fliers, direct mail and print ads. And most importantly, do your research on the internet. Does their site come up easily and noticeably when searching the web? And if their listings are found on the internet, do they have good quality photos that will entice potential buyers and tenants to call and make an appointment? 

You’ll find that the vast majority of agents don’t even post ONE picture of the property. Why? You’d be amazed at how many Realtors still don’t own a digital camera or know how to use the internet. They don’t understand the importance of real estate internet marketing. Without pictures of the property, your potential buyers and tenants will completely disregard your listing – they skip your property and move on to the listings with professional-quality photos. 

Every one of our listings, for sale and for rent, include a minimum of 16-26 pictures, along with detailed information and directions to the property. Your potential buyers and tenants see the inside and outside, view amenities your property has to offer and see the location - ALL on our site. It converts site traffic into foot traffic! Our site and pictures of your property interest them, they call us immediately and we rush them right over! 

But posting pictures just isn’t enough. How do we get an average of 750,000 client hits (visits) to our website each and every month? 

FORTUNE International is one of the strongest and most recognized real estate companies in South Florida and the leader in the Luxury Homes and Condo markets. This brand alone attracts many relocation clients and their agents to view your listing through our massive network. 

We send out regular emails and e-newsletters to our database of thousands of potential buyers and tenants, giving them relevant real estate articles to read, answering their questions, and educating them on the process of buying or renting. Each of our emails and e-newsletters features a property of the month, along with all of our listings. 

But all of that still won’t ensure the most amount of hits (visits) to our website. So we pay the top search engines on the internet to select our site and place it on the first page of the client’s search. There are 8,000 agents in Miami, and thousands more in the surrounding counties. We invest a large amount of money each month on internet marketing to set ourselves apart from the other agents in South Florida. Our internet marketing ensures the most amount of traffic to our website. We move to one of the top 10 positions on the first page of most real estate searches, so we attract the most amount of potential buyers and tenants possible. This is THE most expensive marketing. We are #1 from our visionary ideas and our maximum exposure to reach the most clients in the shortest amount of time. 

Harriet Martin & Associates is made up of 4 professional agents who work together to get your home sold or rented for the highest price in the shortest amount of time. We answer all calls and emails generated from our site within 24 hours. We are able, as a team, to maximize the number of clients assisted each month, and to ensure the highest amount of showings for your property. 

With the optimization of our marketing techniques, we are able to increase your property’s exposure. Our goal for each of our listings is to generate as much interest as possible, through as many marketing venues as possible – making sure that every potential client knows your property is on the market!