Yoli Aguero 

A residential property specialist very familiar with your Miami neighborhood. 

Contact her at: 


305-753-2548 Bi-lingual 

Yoli has been in the real estate business for many years now and KNOWS MIAMI. 

She comes to our team with a wealth of knowledge obtained from many years in the international finance world that excels in organization, working with attention to detail and with integrity and professionalism. 

She will put your interest above all, representing you and leading you from the beginning to the end taking care of you in a "most wholesome way.” 

She loves renting and selling in her CROSSINGS neighborhood and Kendall areas. Yoli is happy to assist you in home financing, listing, renting buying, or property management and maintenance. 

No job is too big or too small. She loves the business of real estate and EXCELS in it. You will find her personable and helpful, kind and hard working. She will do a SUPER job for you. 

You can trust in her abilities to help you rent, buy or sell your home.