Due to our many calls for our rental management divsion for repairs, we are in need of "ON Call" workmen and workwomen to help us with the storm issues that will arise and also the day to day management work needed. We only work with someone who has been referred to us. Please take the time to help us. It would be greatly appreciated.
Please refer to us your BEST professional contractors and home repair handy men and handy ladies for ALL kind of small and large repairs. Painting, remodeling, kitchens, baths, pressure cleaning, home cleaning, junk removal, hurricane preparedness, tree trimming, cabinetry, landscaping, 
hurricane shutter help for tenants and owners, woodwork, flooring, 
plumbing, window treatments, screening, 
lawn service, pool and ALL general repairs. 
MLHS South Florida Inc 
Rental Property Management 
30 + years in business. 
Email us at MLHS@HarrietMartin.com and arrange for an interview today. Call 305-528-5558