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"Location, Location, Location." It's what sells a property, and it definitely helps, but recent times have brought to light that the real deciding factor on how fast, or even if, your home sells – really comes down to price. 
When a home is newly listed, it gathers a lot of interest. Homes that have been on the market a long time lose their competitive advantage. Buyers make low offers because they feel the seller is desperate. Sellers don’t want their home to just sit on the market. It can interrupt their plans to move. Just price your home to sell NOW. Take a good, hard look at your specific area’s pending and sold properties. After all, anyone can list their home for any inflated hopeful price. Value is determined only on the sold homes. 
WE can offer invaluable help to correctly price your home. 
Sellers’ pricing judgment can be easily prejudiced by emotional hopes for certain profits. Try a “tried a true” method of listing at your lowest price. You may find yourself fielding multiple offers. Buyers KNOW the market. They are totally aware of the area pricing. Buyers jump at the chance to get a bargain. This can create a bidding war between buyers who have “fallen in love” with your home. Many times the final sale price ends up being more than you would have expected if you listed at a higher price. 
Don’t price too high thinking buyers will make low offers anyway. Buyers will pay the list price if the price is RIGHT. Beware of over-pricing for your beautiful remodeling work. You may have to forfeit the costs of your upgrades in order to sell today. Let’s face it, buyers want bargains, and if a similar home is available at a lower price, buyers actually prefer to fix up the other home to suit their own taste. 
FINALLY, ask yourself “Am I being greedy? Sometimes people have a profit they'd like to make by selling their home. The profit you want in your pocket has nothing to do with the actual selling price. The market “IS WHAT IT IS” so you might as well accept it. 
You must be REALISTIC when pricing at the market values of TODAY.