We are rental and property management experts with 30 years experience from Miami to Ft. Lauderdale 
We rent and manage individual residential homes, townhomes and condos. Your property is safe with us. 

********Call us for the LOWEST management fees paid monthly********* 

Call 305-528-5558 for a quick rental analysis of your property and the details of management for YOU. 

Our management contract has a 30 day cancellation clause - if not totally satisfied – We never lose a client unless they sell their property. We guarantee satisfaction as “we must always prove our BEST to you”. 

Most all of our clients have been with us for many years trusting us to manage their property from Miami to Ft. Lauderdale. They are out of the country, in submarines, and everywhere in the world. Some are right here in Miami and use management to secure that their rent is received on time. 

Whether you live in Miami or elsewhere, it is ALWAYS BEST to have a property management company. 

Did you know that tenants will take us more seriously than YOU? 
Tenants have a way of giving sympathy stories that can break your heart. You then give them another week to pay their rent. When they don’t have it in a week and beg for another week, it is then TOO LATE for you. Your tenant cannot catch up to pay the current month NOR the following month which is then right around the corner. 

We are hired by YOU to do a professional job. We know you have a mortgage to pay and bills that MUST be paid. We are like mortgage companies when it comes to that. We show no emotion or response to any sympathy story. Their rent is DUE. 

We cannot give ANY allowances nor let our hearts break. We MUST do our job and collect the rent NOW. Tenants respect us - and we tell them that their rent is due FIRST - then their other bills afterward. Their roof over their head is more important than ANYTHING. 

We are strict, but our tenants respect us. We always say that we are hired by their Landlord to do the job of collecting rent and keeping them happy. We are nice and polite and visit when we can to view the property and show we care about them. 

We still work by the “golden rule”. Quality Service is first and foremost to YOU, the Landlord, AND the tenant. We treat all equally and our tenants remain with us for years and years. 
Our job is to keep your tenants and help them to renew. That is less wear and tear on your property and allows the tenants to feel comfortable to make your home “theirs”. Many keep the properties BETTER than their Landlords. 

Tenants that move in and out cause expense. You will need to paint and clean etc between tenancies. We do our best to avoid that for you by getting them to renew year after year. 

We have SPECIAL PACKAGES for Landlords who use us to rent their properties and hire us to manage for them. The commission is less and the renewals are FREE. We take the STRESS away from you. 


We have a team of bi-lingual professional real estate agents. We are “The Harriet Martin Team” of Fortune International Realty Inc. located in Miami, Florida. Sales * Rentals * Property Management * Property Maintenance. We sell or rent every 2 days. Over $500 million Sold! 

Can’t sell now? Why not rent and have someone else pay your mortgage? We will provide an analysis to sell or rent your home – then leave it up to us. We will LIST your property at the RIGHT PRICE! We KNOW the business with over 30 years of proven success. Many referrals upon request.