Hi to all Realtors from Miami to Ft. Lauderdale, 

MLHS South Florida Inc Management offers to realtors a referral fee of $100 for management customers that you direct to us. 

We will discuss the management directly with your customer -or send all the email brochures to you. You can then decide if you want us to sign them up or 
you wish to be present for the meeting. You are always welcome. 

We will ALWAYS protect YOU with your customer. Your customer is YOURS FOR LIFE! We will only manage for your Landlord, while at 
all times advising your Landlord that YOU will renew the lease or you will list to rent again or sell for them. We are looking for management only. 

We know the VALUE of a customer and we have an excellent reputation protecting our Realtors. 
Don’t let the extra income from property management opportunities pass you by! 

You already know that if your customer wants management for their rental, they will choose someone on their own – thus you run the risk of losing your customer. 
It is always best if you can direct your customer from the start and keep control throughout the entire process. We are happy to include you in all of our email correspondence 
with your customer. 

We have web sites for review of our work: 

Testimonials can be found on www.HarrietMartin.com 

We will be happy to send you the email packages so you will have all the facts to talk with your customer. We will meet and train you if you wish to work more in rentals and management. 

Let our professional team of 30 years in residential management help your customers receive individual quality service. We still believe in working the “old fashioned way” with common courtesy to all. Our low management fees are for any size property. All receive the same special treatment. We respond to all emails and have a great group of satisfied Landlords and Tenants. 

We have 2 offices to serve our customers – Kendall and Coral Gables. 

References upon request. 

Contact us soon!