For best cooling and longer life of you AC unit - consider servicing your air conditioning units! 
We offer a thorough cleaning and flushing out of your AC system at a minimum cost to you. 

All AC units stop cooling or freeze up (or both) when they are clogged even if the filter is changed each month. The units collect all the dust and gunk from running with our temperatures in Florida. 

AC units should be serviced every 6 months to continue cooling in proper condition. 
Without these cleanings, you may have to replace fan motors, capacitors, and other parts-sometimes to the extent of replacing your entire units. 

Many of you have already experienced these issues with emergency calls for repair. 
Let us help you NOW. Email us at today for our quote. 
All your other maintenance requests will be addressed as well. 

MLHS South Florida Inc specializes in property management and property maintenance. 

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