Open your new management account with $500. It is only used in emergencies and must be refreshed with your additional funds to maintain $500 in your account at all times. 

You must provide at least 12 bank deposit slips (your bank must be a known recognized bank in Florida). We collect the monthly rent, deduct the monthly maintenance fee and deposit your proceeds each month to your account. 

You will need to make all of your mortgage, insurance, taxes, maintenance fees and any other associated payments regarding your property. By doing this, you will have control of your cash flow and all of your personal financial information. You can do this easily from anywhere in the world with your bank by using “bill pay” or automatic payments online. 

You will need to hold the tenant security deposit and any advance rent in a SEPARATE account. We recommend that it be held in a non interest bearing account as that makes it simpler for all parties. If you own more than one property, you may put all of the security deposits in one account. It may NOT be comingled with any other of your accounts. We ask that you have these funds available for the final walk through of the tenant at expiration of their lease. This reassures you of the availability of your tenant security deposit at all times. Please let us know immediately upon receipt WHERE you have deposited the funds so we can notify the tenant. This is the law so please act accordingly. 

If you are ever late in your mortgage payments, it is mandatory that you discuss this with us immediately. We have a short sale department and a loan modification service that can help with your situation if necessary. 

We highly recommend that you carry Landlord insurance coverage which usually costs less than owner’s dwelling insurance. Please send us a copy of your policy by emailing or faxing it to us. This covers the structure and contents of your home (such as appliances, A/C etc) and provides liability coverage. 

Tenants are sent regular emails to change AC filters and tips to take care of your home. Landlords are sent regular emails along with their monthly management report. 

We collect the rent, keep an eye on your property, post eviction notices if rent is received later than 5 days, work with your tenant to keep them happy, take the emergency calls and help the tenant with getting repairs done etc. 

Many of our clients have been with us for years. We have more than 30 years of rentals, sales and property management experience. 

We are affiliated with Fortune International Realty as real estate Brokers. All rentals and sales of your property are conducted through Fortune International Realty. 

We strive at all times to have our clients “best interest at heart”. Our goal is to have all “clients for life”. We maintain loyalty and integrity in dealing with all of our tenants, buyers, landlords and sellers. 

If your tenant is happy, your property will be maintained properly and rents will be paid on time. It’s a very basic principal to which we aspire. We treat everyone on a very personal level. 

We have a complete bookkeeping department along with a full time maintenance staff. We assure you that you are “in good hands” with us. 

The best and fastest way to reach us is by texting 305-528-5558, emailing: or faxing 305-735-2812. We will respond within 48 hours or upon request if URGENT. 

We sell or rent every 2 days with over $400 million sold. 

We service all of Miami to Ft. Lauderdale with a bi-lingual staff and team of real estate experts. 

Thank you for your business! We appreciate your TRUST in us.