Rest easy if you are trying to short sell your home! Now you will not 
face a massive tax bill if you complete the sale in 2013. 

For those of you who are still upside down in your homes with your 
mortgage balance higher than the value of your home, 
You may still take advantage of the Mortgage Debt Forgiveness Act 
that has just been extended for 1 more year. 

as a short sale to take advantage 
of the taxable income waiver that expires AT THE END OF 2013. 

Basically, as owners of a primary residence home that is sold in a short sale you are STILL eligible for a waiver of paying taxes on the deficiency (difference of actual balance and short payoff) 

To learn more, here is the IRS link which will soon be updated and a current Sun Sentinel article:

Call us. Don’t delay! Take advantage while you still have time. 
We are here to help. We understand that everyone has different circumstances. You can share with us in complete confidence. We will work with your mortgage company and take all the stress off of you. 

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