Make your property look in tip-top condition prior to listing to sell or rent

CHECK THE ROOF –By doing a roof inspection prior to receiving a contract you will have full knowledge of one of the most important aspects when calculating a purchase price. They will also have the advantage of fixing any possible leaks before the rainy season starts and this will prevent possible damage to the interior ceiling of the home.

CHECK THE WINDOWS AND DOORS –Check the windows and doors for proper closure.  Cracks will allow warm air entering the home during the hot months, which makes the air conditioning work harder and will increase the electricity bill.  Many buyers ask for an estimate of the monthly electricity bill as reference of the air conditioning working capacity.


Make sure all light bulbs are in and working. A bright house sells or rents faster. Also open all blinds and make sure they are working, clean and let the beautiful sunshine and outdoors in. Buyers and tenants love to see from the front door to the outside to get the FULL view of your home.

DRIVEWAY – Power-wash the driveway, get rid of grime and dead twigs.  First impressions are powerful.  The driveway is the first thing a potential buyer sees when visiting the property.

FRONT DOOR – A fresh coat of paint to the front door does miracles for the “look” of the home.  The front door is the face of the home - show always a smiling face.


Check all closet doors to make sure all are opening and closing properly without falling off the tracks. Many times we overlook a clean closet and doorknobs that are not tight.

GUTTERS – Have your gutters cleaned.  Get rid of leaves and other dirt settled in the gutters.  This debris may obstruct the flow of water and may clog the gutters.  The excess water may overflow back onto the property or may create leaks.

PROFESSIONALLY CLEAN YOUR AIR CONDITIONING UNIT AND ADD A NEW FILTER.  Show that you are a meticulous seller with attention to detail.

TRIM AND PRUNE – As temperatures start to rise is the best time to trim trees and invest in that landscaping project that is always put aside for the benefit of other updates to the inside of the home.  Just a bit of trimming and planting of some flowers will give a majestic look to any home.

GARAGE – Unclutter the garage of all those “precious treasures” that have not been put to use for years.  A clean, spacious garage increases the size of the home in the eyes of the viewer.

SMOKER DETECTORS – Most owners do forget to check smoke detectors.  By reminding the owner to ensure the smoke detectors are functional,  will demonstrate your interest in all aspects of the family well being.

BEST EVER ADVICE – look at your property thoroughly as you would if YOU were the buyer or tenant


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