Thinking of Renting? 

If you aren't in dire need of selling and can hold on to your property - why not rent it? Before you discard this idea think about the upside. 

There are many benefits to renting a property, among these are: 
• Tax Benefits - depreciation 
o expenditures for upgrading/maintenance can be tax deductible 
• Income (depending on circumstance) 
• Appreciation (by waiting for the market to rebound while paying down your note) 
o by waiting until this glut of foreclosures and short sales exit the market and paying down your note in the meantime, you may be maximizing returns 
Finding the right tenant may not be as difficult as you think and if you let a property manager handle your rental, you can forget those late night calls for repairs or tenant concerns. It is a known fact that tenants will respect a property management company more than they will you, as the owner. You may feel weak and cave in to their request to pay a week or two later because they had an emergency. We will not allow late rental payments and they know it. 
We can list your property for rent, screen prospective tenants, prepare the lease, move the tenant in and manage them till it’s time to rent again or perhaps SELL at that time. 
We will screen for the BEST tenants by searching their history of renting/owning, credit reports, background reports and job history. We WANT good tenants for you. We always maintain a good relationship with your tenant by keeping them happy while considering your best interest at heart. Repairs are always done quickly and efficiently. 
As active property managers, we are the buffer between the tenant and owner. We do our best to take the stress and worry out of the equation when renting a property. From screening, to rent collection, to maintenance, to those emergency calls - our team does it all! Our full time maintenance department makes sure that your property repairs are done quickly and at a lower cost. With a large amount of repair requests, we can buy appliances, electrical and plumbing materials, flooring, painting and fencing products at lower costs and pass that savings on to you. There is no job or too small for us. We do clean ups between tenancies. 

There are several signs that the market is changing - pending sales/closed sales were significantly higher in 2010 and buyer interest is still high, so riding this wave might ultimately -make you more money in the long run. 

The key to real estate investing is to hold on for the long haul. It may not be easy at all times, but we can take the pressure off of you. Call us today 305-385-1203 or 305-528-5558