What's next after Miami? 
Who would have thought that developers would run out of beachfront land in Miami and would have to move north to meet the needs of the real estate market's steady demand? 

The New York Post just run an article on the sizzling Miami real estate market. Everybody loves Miami. Latin America discovered it first as a safe place to invest, then other parts of the world set their eyes on this magic city. It's not only its real estate offer that allures wealthy buyers to Miami, but also its fashionable and leisurely lifestyle that meets the needs of young professionals with career dreams. 

China and Europe have studied their options and have realized that real estate prices in Miami are still a lot more affordable than other appealing cities such as London, New York or Paris. No wonder, how 90 percent of buyers of new condos in Miami are foreigners (data from the Miami Downtown Development Authority). 

It's true, developers have run out of beachfront land in Miami but fortunately Florida enjoys a sun kissed endless coast filled with opportunities. Fort Lauderdale is the next destination for the smart sophisticated buyer and projects like the new Auberge Beach Residences & Spa are irresistible choices in Fort Lauderdale. 

RealEstate Times